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Billy Oilchanger is a Piston Cup racer. He is sponsored by Octane Gain. His racing number is 58.


In Cars, Billy is seen racing at the Motor Speedway of the South. During the huge accident caused by Chick Hicks, Billy finds himself face-to-face with Claude Scruggs. After exchanging nervous laughter, they are both hit by other cars and receives some minor damage, but he is still able to rejoin.

He retires some time between the events of Cars and Cars 3, and is replaced by Bobby Swift as the Octane Gain racer, who also gets replaced by Daniel Swervez.

Physical description

Oilchanger is Piston Cup racing stock car Sherpa Motors Iota GT. He use Lightyear racing tires. He has sliver-purple eyes.

He is painted orange with black and yellow stripes on his sides. He has logo of Octane Gain on his hood and backsides and white number 58 with black background on sides and roof. He has stickers imitating lamps. He has orange spoiler and orange rims.

Cars 3

Billy is no longer the Octane Gain in Cars 3. He will replaced by Bobby Swift and Daniel Swervez who have a different number 19 than him instend of 58.