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Cars Race-O-Rama Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS

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Cars: Race-O-Rama is the third game in the Cars series, and for the first time you can make your own Lightning McQueen. Characters like Sally and The King do not appear in this game. In this game, Lightning McQueen and the Doc Hudson Racing Academy face off against Chick Hicks, who opened his own Racing Academy, and teaches his students to cheat. Play as Lightning McQueen, Mater, & Guido to win the Race-O-Rama series.


Lightning McQueen and his racing academy are in a race with their rivals. At the end of the race, the other academy crashed the Doc Hudson Racing Academy. Lightning saw what happened, and realized that the other academy belonged to Chick Hicks. Chick told Lightning that if he wins the Race-O-Rama series, the Doc Hudson Racing Academy will be shut down, everyone would go to the Chick Hicks Racing Academy, and Lightning would have to leave town.

Lightning decides to customize himself for the different races.

Meanwhile, in Ornament Valley, in front of the Rustbucket Stadium, Mater meets his old rivals, Bubba, Tater, and Tater Jr., who reminded him of when they agreed to race in the Rustbucket Stadium for the towing rights in Radiator Springs.

Lightning McQueen arrives at Santa Carburera with some modifications, his racing academy, and a few of his friends from Radiator Springs. They race a few races, then came the final race in Santa Carburera. Lightning and Flo were lined up at the starting line, then Chick came, and introduced them to Candice. They raced through Santa Carburera. However, Candice loses, so she called her dad for new everything, and he agrees to give what she want to her. Candice drove away to go shopping.

For the next round, Lightning arrives in Autovia with his racing Academy and Sarge. Meanwhile, the Chick Hicks Racing Academy went through the MotorCo. building, where they became VINs. Lightning and his racing academy raced through Autovia with the VINs and the Chick Hicks Racing Academy. In the final race, Lightning and Sarge meet El Machismo, who Chick introduced to. However, El Machismo also loses the race, so he gets angry, and blames Chick and MotorCo. for it, so he asks for bigger everything. He was acting more of a sore loser than Chick.

After that, Lightning with some more new modifications went with his racing academy and Ramone to the city of Motoropolis City. The races were at night, with all the big lights on. They and the Chick Hicks Racing Academy raced through the city street of Motoropolis City. In the final race, Chick introduced Stinger to Lightning and Ramone. They raced, and Stinger lost as well. Chick couldn't believe that not even a muscle car could beat Lightning! Chick got so angry, so he said to Stinger, "What do you have to say for yourself?" However, Stinger just drove away. There was only one more round in the Race-O-Rama series.

In Radiator Springs; Mater, Bubba, Tater, and Tater Jr. raced in the Rustbucket Stadium for the towing rights to Radiator Springs. Mater won the race, making Bubba mad. However, Tater and Tater Jr. weren't mad, because Mater was their new friend, and he won, and their names rhyme, so they think they also won. Bubba drove away, saying he will get his revenge on Mater, even if it's the last thing he does.

Lightning McQueen and Chick Hicks went back to Radiator Springs Speedway for the final races in the Race-O-Rama. Lightning raced against Candice, El Machismo, Stinger, and the VINs in one race. Then came the final showdown. Chick decided to use modifications, and he used all the modifications that Lightning used. However, Lightning also got some new modifications. Chick reveals that he was only using Candice, El Machismo, Stinger, and the VINs to learn how to beat Lightning. The race started, and it was a long race.

Lightning won the race, and the Race-O-Rama trophy. Chick drove up to Lightning, and said that he should've entered the Race-O-Rama by himself. Lightning tries to teach Chick that there is more to racing than winning, and that if he learns that, he won't be alone anymore. However, Chick doesn't listen to Lightning, and he drives away, vowing his revenge on Lightning.

Then, Candice, El Machismo, and Stinger came to Lightning, and apologized for how they behaved in the Race-O-Rama. Lightning accepts their apology, and invites them to come to the Doc Hudson Racing Academy any time.


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Actor Character
Carlos Alazraqui ???
Dee Bradley Baker Count Spatula
S. Scott Bullock ???
Corey Burton Doc Hudson
Larry the Cable Guy Mater
Lindsey Collins Mia
Henry Dittman ???
Paul Dooley Sarge
Chris Edgerly Doc Hudson Racing Academy
Bill Farmer Tommy Joe
Keith Ferguson Lightning McQueen
Quinton Flynn ???
John Goodman Sulley
Jennifer Hale Race-O-Rama Girl
E.J. Holowicki ???
Rob Izenberg ???
Michael Keaton Chick Hicks
Guido Quaroni Guido
Elissa Knight Tia
Jenifer Lewis Flo
Cheech Marin Ramone
Joel McCrary ???
Mike "No Name" Nelson Not Chuck
Jon Olson ???
John Ratzenberger Mack
Lou Romano ???
Randy Savage El Machismo
Tony Shalhoub Luigi
Mark Silverman Fillmore / Chick Hicks Racing Academy
Lloyd Sherr Fillmore
Joe Smith Doc Hudson Racing Academy
Andrew Stanton Fred / Tater Jr.
Stephen Stanton Tater
Tara Strong Candice
James Patrick Stuart ???
Josh Robert Thompson Chick Hicks Racing Academy
Michael Wallis Sheriff



  • On the PlayStation 2 version of the game, Guido always looks left when he turns right, and looks right when he turns left.
  • Also on the PlayStation 2, in the Tokyo Mater level, Mater says his winning phrase twice. This also makes Mia and Tia not say their phrases.
  • The Ornament Valley Airport from the previous game does not appear at all in this game, but it appears in Cars 2. However, it's possible that the cars left in a different airport. Also, most of the rest of the new stuff in Cars Mater-National do not return in this game.


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