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Conrad Camber is the next-generation racer who races for Shiny Wax, he replaced Darren Leadfoot in the start of the 2017 season.


In Cars 3, after next-generation racers begin to receive attention as a result of their higher capabilities, Piston Cup teams begin replacing their veteran stock racers with next-gen models. Conrad replaces Darren Leadfoot as the Shiny Wax racer, making his debut in the Florida 500 at the start of the 2017 season. He starts in fourteenth place. For the first part of the race, he is seen in thirteenth place. When Cameron "Cam" Spinner causes the wreck, he is seen escaping with Barry DePedal, and Michael Rotor. He restarts in thirteenth place and is seen racing with Dan Carcia. for the rest of the race. Later, he is passed by Cruz Ramirez. Toward the end of the race, he is seen making contact with James Wisconsin, paving the way for Cruz to pass him again. He finishes in 14th place.

Physical description

Rodcap is a racing stock car of next generations. He has a green and black livery, with yellow sparkles on his sides, and his racing number 82. He uses Lightyear tires. He has brown eyes.


Races of Piston Cup Racing Series season 2017.
Speedway Started position Finished position
Florida International Super Speedway 14th 14th



  • He is one of the last next-gens to enter the season in Florida.