Dale Earnhardt, Jr. - or "Junior" - is #8 of the Piston Cup Racers.

Junior (short for Dale Earnhardt, Jr.) is a character in Cars.


Racing sensation Dale, Jr. has wasted no time gathering victories and creating a commanding track presence since winning the Piston Cup Rookie of the Year honors in 2000. His drive and charisma have scored with fans too-- he's won The Piston Cup Most Popular Driver around four years running! But when it's all said and done, he's just a shy guy, who enjoys quiet time with his friends and family.

Junior is The King's biggest fan.


  • Junior is an Axxelo Fission, which is identical to the NASCAR Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS.


"I just hope Lightning's okay. I sure would hate to see anything bad happen to him."
—Junior's worries about Lightning McQueen
Junior: "Hey, King. Good luck in your last race. You've sure been an inspiration to me."
The King: "Thanks, Junior. Appreciate it."
—Junior and The King, before the tie-breaking race
Junior: "Wow, unbelievable. That many wins in a single season."
The King: "He a real deal, Junior. The Hudson Hornet was my inspiration."
—Junior and King
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