"Hey, King! Good luck in your last race. You've sure been an inspiration to me."
Dale Earnhardt, Jr.Cars

Dale, Jr., also known as Junior or Dale Earnhardt, Jr., is a Piston Cup race car. He is a friend of the now-retired Piston Cup champion, Strip Weathers, as well as the racer's wife, Lynda Weathers. His racing performance has garnered him various rewards throughout his career, including the Piston Cup Rookie of the Year award in 2000, and four Piston Cup Most Popular Driver awards.


In Cars, Dale competes in the Dinoco 400 at the Motor Speedway of the South. When Chick Hicks causes a huge crash, Dale made it through the wreck, and he's able to continue racing. Dale finishes the race around the middle positions.

After Lightning McQueen is discovered as missing, Dale is interviewed by the Racing Sports Network, and he expresses concern for the rookie race car.

Dale attends the tie-breaker race between Weathers, Hicks, and McQueen at the Los Angeles International Speedway, where he wishes Weathers good luck prior to the start of the race.

Dale also appears during the film's epilogue, where he, Strip, and Mrs. The King visit the Racing Museum in Radiator Springs. While touring, Dale voices his admiration of Doc's win record during a single season. When the three visitors ask Mater about Doc Hudson's current whereabouts, he informs them that he and McQueen are out practicing at Willy's Butte.

Physical description

Dale is an Axxelo Fission, which is identical to the NASCAR Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS. He is painted red, with the number 8 painted in white on his doors and roof. He has the Dale Earnhardt, Inc. logo on his hood as well as his fenders, and several Piston Cup sponsor stickers on his doors. He also has a red spoiler and black rims. He also has sky blue eyes.


  • which is identical to the NASCAR Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS.


"I just hope Lightning's okay. I sure would hate to see anything bad happen to him."
—Junior's worries about Lightning McQueen
Junior: "Hey, King. Good luck in your last race. You've sure been an inspiration to me."
The King: "Thanks, Junior. Appreciate it."
—Junior and The King, before the tie-breaking race
Junior: "Wow, unbelievable. That many wins in a single season."
The King: "He a real deal, Junior. The Hudson Hornet was my inspiration."
—Junior and King
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