Darren Leadfoot is a character in Cars and Cars 3. He was sponsored by Shiny Wax until being replaced by a next-gen race named Conrad Camber in the beginning of the 2017 season.


"Darren Leadfoot is the LAST guy you want drafting on your tail on the last lap! Known for his sudden 11th hour accelerations, you are the last thing Darren need standing between him and the finish line!"[1]

Cars 3

He comes back in Cars 3 to compete in the 2016 Piston Cup Season. in after Los Angeles 500 the ceo of Shiny Wax fired Darren and he's Replaced by Conrad Camber.

Physical description

Darren is an Axxelo Fission. He is painted lime green, with yellow circled lines, with the racing number 82 painted in white on his doors, and roof. He has the Shiny Wax sticker painted on his hood, and fenders. He also has black rims, a green spoiler. He has a two-piece grille. He has brown eyes.



  • Despite Darren being one of the veterans still standing in the Los Angeles 500,Darren is the third worst racer that time, making Ponchy as the second worst and Murray as the worst.


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