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The Delinquent Road Hazards are characters in Cars and most of the video games.


In Cars, they first appeared driving down the Interstate. They find Mack, and they cause some trouble with him. DJ plays some music to put Mack to sleep. Boost and Wingo toss Mack to the left and right, and Boost purposely missed, causing Mack to drive on the edge of the road. The road was bumpy, and a Lightning McQueen doll dropped on the button that opens the trailer door, causing Lightning McQueen to fall out. Then the Delinquent Road Hazards ran away, because Snot Rod was about to sneeze. His sneeze caused him to zoom off, and caused Mack to wake up.

They were appeared the end of the movie, where they sped past a dozing Sheriff into Radiator Springs. He disgustedly referred to them as "delinquent road hazards" and began pursuit. After they were caught, they were impounded and sentenced to fix the road.

Video Games

Cars: The Video Game

In Cars: The Video Game, they first appeared in a race named after them. They were not letting Lightning McQueen go into a section of Tailfin Pass. Lightning challenges them to a race, and if he wins, they will let him pass, and he will also get one of Boost's boost tanks. The delinquent road hazards accept his challenge. However, they lost, so Boost had to give up one of his boost tanks. Lightning tried to tell them to relax and take a drive, but they drove away, saying, "This isn't over, McQueen!"

They meet up with Chick Hicks, who tells them to go rob Mack. They go to the Interstate to pull off a High Speed Heist on Mack. DJ puts Mack to sleep with music. Boost uses a ramp carried by Snot Rod to jump onto Mack's trailer, which causes the door to open. Wingo takes 5 of Lightning's stuff, and they all drive away, with Snot Rod waking Mack up with a sneeze.

Meanwhile, Sheriff tells Lightning about what happened, so Lightning goes to the Interstate to stop the delinquent road hazards. He chases them down the Interstate, going the wrong way. He hits each of them 3 times, and gets all his stuff back. The delinquent road hazards got put in the impound lot by Sheriff, then they were put on court. They claimed that some green race car with a mustache ordered them to do it.

Cars Mater-National

None of the 4 delinquent road hazards appear in the sequel video game except Snot Rod. He appears in North Willy's Butte, Rustbucket Grand Prix, and The Upper Mine for Road Races.