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Dinoco is an oil company owned by Tex Dinoco. The company sponsors The King in the Piston Cup Racing Series. With The King retiring, Tex wants to hand the sponsorship to the winner of the Piston Cup. However, even though Chick Hicks won, Lightning McQueen was offered the sponsorship, though he politely refused to stay loyal with his current sponsor, Rusty Rust-Eze. McQueen does ask Tex for a helicopter ride for his friend Mater though Dinoco would later become one of Lightning's primary sponsors. Dinoco later got involved in alternative fuel, world Prix, with Fillmore and his fuel and it went on to become a huge success.


  • It also appears in Toy Story, and on a lighter in WALL•E.
  • Dinoco's name is inspired by a race fuel: Sunoco.
  • It also appears in Cars 2. It is the drink Lightning and Mater have in the plane taking them to Tokyo. An advertisement can be seen in Tokyo. It is also seen as the fuel of the 12th pit for the last race of the World Grand Prix in London
  • In Toy Story, the logo is an Apatosaurus. In Cars, the logo is a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  • The Tyrannosaurus Rex on the logo is not car-ified.