Dirkson D'Agostino races for the team Trunk Fresh in the movie Cars and Cars 3. During the events of the third film, he is replaced by Steve LePage


"Dirkson D'Agostino discovered his natural racing talent while working in the graphics department for a small racing outfit. Running errands between buildings, he dodged all kinds of obstacles at insane speeds. One day Dirkson caught the eye of the race shop's owner, who fired the young upstart for what he considered reckless driving in the workplace, and rehired him as one of his pro racers, for what he considered a natural talent on the race track."[1]

Cars 3

Dirkson Competes in 2016 Piston Cup season when next gens arrived get ceo of Trunk Fresh fired Dirkson and replaced by Steve LePage.


  • In Cars: The Video Game, there is a race car sponsored by Trunk Fresh, but his name is Buck and his number is 56.



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