Elvis is one of the guest cameos in Cars and the only one not to be voiced by himself (the real Elvis died long ago). He has only one line in the movie (most of the other guest cameos are silent), "Uh", which is actually part of Sheryl Crow's song, Real Gone. He is apparently a fan of Lightning McQueen. He also appears at the race at Los Angeles International Speedway next to Todd. He is an RV that is decked in Elvis sequins and sunglasses.

Blu-Ray Cars Finder Description

"Decked out in gold wheels and mirrored sunglasses, this pompadour-packing party machine heads up the Elvis RV club. Wherever there's a racin', you'll find Elvis a movin' and a shakin'!!"[1]


  • Elvis has been released in the Cars Die-Cast Line.
  • He is based on the real-life rocker Elvis Presley, who died a long time ago when his doctor (purposely) assigned him to drugs that were supposed to keep him up but they killed him.
  • He sounds female.
  • He is not voiced by the real Elvis (who died).



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