Tales From Radiator Springs - Spinning

Tales From Radiator Springs - Spinning

Spinning is the third Cars Toons: Tales from Radiator Springs. It was first aired on Disney Channel on March 22, 2013.[1]


Guido was holding a sign in front of Luigi's Casa Della Tires to get customers to come to the shop. Then Luigi comes and tells Guido to shake the sign, and goes back into the shop. Guido shakes the sign, and then starts getting fancy with the shaking, and even spins the tip on his fork. Lightning notices Guido and tells everyone to check what he's doing. Soon, a lot of cars were there to see Guido. Guido starts dancing with the sign, while DJ plays some music. At the end, Guido tosses the sign high into the sky, and catches it while balancing on two tires while saying, "Pit stop." Everyone cheers and drives away. Guido day dreams about his dancing, until Luigi, who hasn't watched Guido dance with the sign, comes back out and tells him to shake the sign. The short ends with an iris going on Guido shaking the sign.


Non-speaking characters include Mater, Van, Minny, and DJ.


  • Van and Minny can be spotted in the crowd.


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