Floyd Mulvihill was passed by Lightning McQueen by a wall drive. He and Rusty Cornfuel were shocked in amazement of what Lightning did by riding on the wall. In the events of the third film, he is replaced by a next generation racer.


"Floyd Mulvihill, originally trained as an automotive engineer, decided to put down his tools and pursue his life-long passion to race. He competed in the Junior Piston Cup Pro Series with the likes of Sage VanDerSpin and graduated to the Piston Cup in 2005. He's affectionately known as "Smoky Floyd" as he enjoys laying long patches of burning rubber in front of his adoring fans."

Cars 3

Mulvihill competes 2016 Piston Cup season in Cars 3 until Jackson Storm appear in Rustbelt Raceway ceo Gasprin fired Mulvihill and get replaced by next gen Gasprin Racer