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Harvey Rodcap is American racing car. He is high-tech next-generation Piston Cup racer sponsored by Easy Idle, bearing the number 15[1].


Harvey Rodcap was American high-tech next-generation race car. He makes his debut in the Piston Cup Racing Series midway through the 2016 season, as racer of team Easy Idle Racing replacing Carl Clutchen. He is one of the six next-generation rookie racers who debut at the Motor Speedway of the South, with the other five being Aaron ClockerRyan “Inside” LaneyH.J. Hollis, Ed Truncan, and Tim Treadless. At the Los Angeles 500, he and Tim Treadless are close behind Lightning McQueen when he crashes, and they watch in shock as Lightning goes airborne. Harvey finishes that race in fifth place. At the 2017 Florida 500, he is mainly seen in the middle positions. When Cameron "Cam" Spinner causes a crash, Harvey is hit by him and is sent careening toward the infield and receives minor damage, but he is able to continue racing. Harvey is finished that race in 25th place.

Physical description

Rodcap is racing stock car of Piston Cup high-tech next-generation cars. He has a blue, white, and black livery, with his racing number painted on his roof and doors. He has the Lightyear racing tires. He has brown eyes.


Races of Piston Cup Racing Series season 2016.
Speedway Finished position
Heartland Motor Speedway 12th
Motor Speedway of the South 5th
Races of Piston Cup Racing Series season 2017.
Speedway Starteded position Finished position
Florida International Super Speedway 25th 25th



  • Harvey Rodcap is incorrectly listed on several Cars 3 die-cast cardbacks as the name of the N20 Cola stock car racer, whose actual name is Parker Brakeston.
  • In the Los Angeles 500, the first shot of the race shows that he qualified in 2nd but in the next shot it is implied that he qualified in last place. The next shot shows that he did qualify in 2nd place but when the race starts he is seen in the back.


  • This character's name was revealed on the box of a Dot.com diecast 10-pack.

    Harvey at Dot.com diecast10 pack