Tales From Radiator Springs - Hiccups

Tales From Radiator Springs - Hiccups

Hiccups is a Cars Toon Shorty Short. It is the first episode of Tales from Radiator Springs. It was first aired on Disney Channel on March 22, 2013.[1]


Lightning comes to Flo's V8 Cafe. Flo welcomes him and gives him a can of oil. He drinks the oil, but then he suddenly gets the hiccups. Flo asks if anyone knows how to cure hiccups. Guido tries to get him to hold his breath for as long as he can, but that didn't work. Fillmore gives him some of his home-made cure fuel, which makes fire come out of his mouth, but it didn't cure his hiccups. Luigi tried scaring the hiccups, Sarge tried "ordering" him to stop hiccuping, but neither worked. Sheriff thinks he needs a drink of water, so Red squirts water at his mouth. Mater thinks he should "hang upside down, spin around, while you touch your tongue with your hood." Soon, they were using everyone's solution at the same time, until Sally comes and asks everyone to stop. She kisses Lightning, and his hiccups stop, making everyone relieved, until Sheriff gets the hiccups. Mater tried to cure them by kissing him. Sheriff ran away with his siren on, and Mater chased him.



  • While Lightning keeps his body modifications from Cars 2 (like the spoiler), the paint job is slightly tweaked, with all World Grand Prix markings removed. He regains his lightning bolt sticker above his front tires, as well as Piston Cup sponsors. It is also shown to be written "Radiator Springs" on his spoiler.
  • This is Sally's first appearance in Cars Toons.
  • In this short, you can notice that some things in Radiator Springs have been modified to look similar to how they look in Cars Land.
    • The street intersecting at the traffic light intersection is labeled "Cross Street."
    • Flo's V8 Cafe has been expanded like it has in Cars Land.


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