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"Uhh, my name.. is Ivy. And I USED to be a monster truck."
Ivy, The Legend

Ivy, assumed by cryptid hunters as "Bigfoot", is a bluish-teal metallic monster truck from Cars on the Road. She performs at Circus Velocitas with the help of Haul Em' Haynes.


In Cars on the Road, Lightning McQueen and Mater come across Ivy while traveling during their road trip. Ivy, who is covered in dirt and moss, asks them where the duo is headed. She later gets cleaned off at the Whale Car Wash and performs a stunt at the Circus Velocitas. Then when Mater and McQueen are losing hope of their acting career at The B-Movie Set, Ivy is surprisingly back once again.

Physical description

Her make and model's name are currently unknown, but it may be a basically a hand-made version of the unnamed background modern 4-door Haulital trucks, albeit a few differences (like most notably the front being somewhat similar to Sterling and Kay Pillar-Durev, but with no grille), the large heavy-duty mirrors, and no front bumper.[1]


  • Monster truck Ivy used to perform stunts in front of huge crowds! But those days are over. While she loves her super-strong monster wheels, she doesn't want to crush or smash anything. If only she could find a way to use her skills without causing so much damage.[1]


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Names in other languages

  • German: Efeu
  • Hungarian: Borostyán
  • Russian
    • Story Book: Айви (transcription: Ayvi)
    • Mini Racers: Лига Плюща (transcription: Liga Plyushcha)
  • Spanish: Hiedra



  • "Woah! What? You're awake? How much of that did you see?" - "The Legend"
  • "I do miss the performance.. Just not that performance. Out here, I don't need to be anything for anybody!" - "The Legend"
  • "I think we need to give our rude little friends a real scary story." - "The Legend"
  • Submit, foolish earth-dwellers, so that we may drain the living essence from your husks! Now... which one of you will be first?" - "The Legend"
  • "Hey, thanks for all your help. It was really fun to put on a performance again." - "The Legend"
  • "This is great! I think I've been cooped up a little too long!" - "The Legend"
  • "Blue skies, green fields, and new experiences. See everything with fresh eyes." - "Show Time"
  • "Hey guys! Up here! I got us seats, hurry!" - "Show Time"
  • "I don't know how to explain it, it just feels right here!" - "Show Time"