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Jackson Storm is the main antagonist of Cars 3.


proved to be highly talented, hitting top speeds that veteran racers struggled with reaching. Storm's stellar performance sparked interest in the "next-generation" of racers, and other Piston Cup teams began replacing their veterans with newer, more powerful racers. Storm achieved many wins during his first full season, and set the record for fastest lap of all time at the [International Speedway|Florida International Speedway].


Knowing how talented and successful he is, Jackson has a large ego, and disrespects other racers beyond simple trashtalk. One of Storm's biggest rivals was Lightning McQueen, who brutally crashed while attempting to keep up with Storm at the Los Angeles 500 After a long absence, McQueen returned to the Piston Cup for the [Florida 500], but decided to switch himself out for [Cruz Ramirez], who took advantage of Storm's weaknesses, allowing her to pass him and win the race.

Cars 3

He makes his debut in the 2017 piston Cup season and wins his first race against the veteran racers at the Dinoco 400 in copper canyon. He is greeted by McQueen,who congratulates him on his win. Storm quickly insults McQueen multiple times and calls him old secretly and then reverse into his trailer with a smirk on his face.