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James Cleanair races for the team Vitoline with Tad Brakesworth and Vitoline Crew Chief in the movie Cars.


In Cars, James is one of the thirty-six race cars that is competing in the Dinoco 400, the final race of the 2005 Piston Cup season, at the Motor Speedway of the South. However, James ends up receiving damage after being involved in a large wreck created by Chick Hicks, in an attempt to distance himself from Lightning McQueen. During said wreck, he collided with Haul Inngas and Billy Oilchanger. Despite his injuries, James continues racing, but does not win.

Physical description

Cleanair is Piston Cup racing stock car Husker Morroco. He use Lightyear racing tires. His maximal speed is 298 km/h (185.169 mph) and his horsepower is 580. He was based on 1980 Buick Regal.

He is painted pale green, with a white trunk. He has the Vitoline logo on his hood, as well as on his trunk, and the number 61 painted in white on his doors and roof. He also has a white spoiler and black rims. He has tan eyes.

Cars: The Video Game

He appears in the video game, but he has the #51 instead of #61, and his name is Aikens. He appears in the first pack at Smasherville International Speedway.

Cars 3

James is no longer Vitoline in Cars 3. He will be replaced by Brick Yardley and Chase Racelott who have a different number 24 than him instend of 61.