Jimmy Cables is a Piston Cup Racer racing for the sponsor Intersection bearing the number 00.


Jimmy Cables is a Piston Cup Racer who races in the 2016 Piston Cup Racing Season. He gets replaced by Flip Dover in the Heartland Motor Speedway AKA Bumper Save Gears & Glory 450. He has the color Magenta with the Intersection logo on his hood, with his number under his right headlight.


Races of the 2016 Piston Cup Racing Series season

Speedway Starting Position Finishing Postion
Data Shift 400 Unknown 3rd
Rocker Arms International Unknown 5th
Georgia SafetyHorn 350 Unknown 7th
Dinoco Light 350 Unknown 10th
Copper Canyon Speedway Unknown 16th
Dinoco Light 350 Round 2 27th 22nd
BnL Raceway Unknown 28th
Rustbelt Raceway Unknown 28th
Grandol Oil Co. Raceway Unknown 33rd
Mood Springs Sputter Stop 350 Unknown 35th



Name Origin

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Jimmy in the Allianz Commercial

Jimmy in the pack


  • In Cars 3, He has a magenta color, On his diecast he is bright red
  • In Cars 3 Teaser Trailer, He was seen racing with Flip Dover
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