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Kevin Racingtire is a Piston Cup racer who is sponsored by Shifty Drug, and his racing number is 35.


In Cars, Kevin is seen with the rest of the 2005 Piston Cup racers at the Motor Speedway of the South. When Chick Hicks causes the crash, he is one of the first to be hit, colliding with Byron "Brush" Curber, and Davey Apex, and suffers some minor damage, though he is still able to continue racing, and finishes in 22nd place.

Physical description

Racingtire is Piston Cup racing stock car Capitol Motors Verve XT. He use Lightyear racing tires. His maximal speed is 298 km/h (185.169 mph) and his horsepower is 580. He was based on 1980 Buick Regal.

He is painted a pinkish-red color, with yellow on his doors, hood, and spoiler. He is white rims, as well as the Shifty Drug logo on his hood, and fenders. He has the number 35 painted in white on his doors and roof. His eyes are a blue color.

Cars 3

Kevin Racingtire is no longer Shifty Drug Racer in Cars 3 but there's no replacements and it will be a Brand.