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Lizzie is an elderly car who runs Radiator Springs Curios. She was married to the Radiator Springs's founder, Stanley. She apparently has short-term memory problems which showed through several times in the movie. Lizzie also seems to have a crush on Lightning McQueen.



"When Lizzie first rolled into Radiator Springs in 1927, it was love at first sight -- love for the town and love for Stanley, the town founder. But she kept Stanley on the soft shoulder for months. Until one day, she realized that Stanley's vision for a new oasis in the desert had enraptured her, too. From that day on, the two became the inseparable heart and soul of the town."[1]

Lizzie and Stanley eventually got married and remained together until Stanley died.

Lizzie owns the Radiator Springs Curios shop.

As Lightning McQueen helps bring Radiator Springs back to life, Lizzie is seen talking to the statue of her husband, saying, "Oh, Stanley, I wish you could see this.", implying that she still misses him.

Cars: The Video Game

In the game, she first appears in her curio shop, looking at her 20 postcards. Then Lightning McQueen came in, and looked at some of the postcards. Then he accidentally knocks down a shelf, causing another shelf to tilt, then some Rust-Eze cans slid down the shelf, causing a bolt to fall off the shelf, hitting the on button on a fan, blowing the postcards out the door. Lizzie thinks that a blizzard is happening. Lightning decides to help her find the postcards.

Later, Lightning comes back to Lizzie's with all 20 postcards, but Lizzie didn't remember that they got lost.

Cars 2

"Lizzie is a Radiator Springs original. She's a little old lady, but still an active businesswoman who uses her moxie to sell bumper stickers, mud flaps, and other Route 66 memorabilia from her curio shop. She's as feisty as she is brash. Lizzie's unswerving frankness and offbeat comments keep the townsfolk and tourists on their TOES, even though she has no idea what she's just said."[2]

Cars Land

Lizzie doesn't play a role in Cars Land as big as other character. Her only clear appearance is in Radiator Springs Racers. After you come to Radiator Springs after you go tractor tipping with Mater, Lizzie is in front of her Curio Shop, and falls asleep, as usual.


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