Lizzie's Postcard Hunt is one of the events in the game. It can only be played once, but the cut-scenes can be watched again and again.


Lightning goes into Lizzie's Curio Shop and meets Lizzie. "Hey, Lizzie," said Lightning. "Whatcha got there?" Then he has a look at what she has. "Ooh, postcards. Old ones, too." "I've been collecting these for a long time," said Lizzie, "from all the way down Route 66." Then Lightning gets closer to the table, but accidentally knocks down a shelf, which knocks another shelf, causing a bunch of Rust-Eze cans to slide down, causing a bolt to fly off the shelf, pressing the on button on a fan, causing the fan to blow all 20 postcards around the area. While the process was happening, Lightning said, "Wow! Oh, look at that one." "Some of these go back sixty years." said Lizzie. Then the fan blew her postcards out the door. Lizzie gasped. "It's a blizzard!" she said. "Don't worry, Lizzie, I'll find them," said Lightning. "They can't have gone too far."

The Game

Lizzie's Postcard Hunt

Where the postcards are.

In the game, you must find all 20 of Lizzie's postcards. The tasks say:
  • Find Lizzie's postcards!
  • Search high and low!
  • Collect all 20!

In order to be able to collect all 20, you need all 3 boost tanks, (get the first one from Boostin' with Fillmore, the second from Rustbucket Race-O-Rama, and the third one from Delinquent Road Hazards) and you must also have Ornament Valley and Tailfin Pass open (open Ornament Valley by winning Sheriff's Chase, and open Tailfin Pass by winning Sally's Wheel Well Sprint). Here is where you find them:

Radiator Springs

# Location Note:
1.) At Flo's V8 Cafe next to the sign. Should be seen right away.
2.) On the roof of Ramone's House of Body Art. Use a ramp behind the building to get there.
3.) Behind Luigi's Casa Della Tires, on a pile of crates. There should be a ramp behind Lizzie's Curio Shop that should help you jump onto it.
4.) Inside some type of garage at the building across the street from Mater's Junkyard. The sign should say Motel.
5.) On the right (from the front) of the Drive-In theater. Behind the drive in, there is a path that can take you to the postcard. It's easier than using the front.
6.) On the other side of the fence in that big "canyon." Go left from the courthouse, then at the intersection between the asphalt road and dirt road, take the dirt road, then right, keep right, and you'll be on the passage.
7.) Across the "canyon" behind Sarge's Boot Camp. You will need some boost to get across. Plus, there is no ramp, so you will have to do the jump move.
8.) Under the bridge near #7. Just jump into the canyon.

The next 4 postcards are still in Radiator Springs, but you might need all 3 boost tanks to get them. All the postcards are in the mountains east of Willy's Butte.

# Location Note
9.) On the huge plateau near those jumping hills. There are 2 ways to get to it. You could use the hills near the plateau to jump onto it, or the other way, which takes longer, but is easier, you will go north from Willy's Butte, jump over the orange/white barrier, then at the intersection, go left, then do the big jump, then go right to get to the postcard.
10.) On the plateau at the end of the spiral. Go into that tunnel, go on the rock, then use a ramp to get on another rock, then the ramp on the left, and then go down that spiral, and the postcard will be at the bottom.
11.) Left from #10 Jump on a few rocks, and the postcard will be on the last one.
12.) On the right plateau. If you jump off the rock where #11 is, you will be reset onto the big rock with 2 jump ramps. Take the ramp on the right to get to that postcard.

Ornament Valley

Then, you go into Ornament Valley, where there are 2 more postcards to find.

# Location Note
13.) Under the bridge near the big mountain. Take the second left road, then left, then right, under the second bridge you pass.
14.) At the field. Enter the field, take a few lefts and rights, then use a ramp to jump over a fence, then drive a little, and you'll get to the postcard on the little hill.

Tailfin Pass

Right now, there are 6 more postcards to find, and those are all in Tailfin Pass.

# Location Note
15.) Inside the Wheel Well. After racing Sally's Wheel Well Sprint, the Wheel Well should be behind you.
16.) On the last rock in a line of rocks. The entrance to the rock jumping line should be next to the bridge that takes you across the canyon. You will also need some boost for it.

The last 4 postcards can't be collected until you race in Delinquent Road Hazards.

# Location Note
17.) In a secret room at the shortcut in the mine. Enter the mine, then enter the shortcut, and then the postcard should be right there on the left.
18.) On the upper level. Later in the mine, there is a ramp. Use that ramp to go to that upper level, but you will still have to jump, and the postcard will be at the end of the road.
19.) Behind the waterfall. Jump onto the ledge, go right, then go along the narrow road, and you will get to the postcard.
20.) On the plateau near the tunnel. Continue down the road, and you will get to the postcard at the end of the road.

Then you will unlock an event called "You've found all of the postcards!" You will have to go back to Radiator Springs to Lizzie's Curio Shop to return the postcards.


After you've found all the postcards, there will be an event called "You've found all of the postcards!" That event is pretty much the end-scene for this event. However, the same loading screen is used.

(Lizzie was looking at her stuff when Lightning comes inside with her 20 postcards and puts them on the table. Lizzie turns around.)
Lightning McQueen: "You see? I told you I would find them all.
Lizzie: (says nothing)
Lightning McQueen: "Yep, they're all there. You would not believe how far some of them got! Almost all the way down Route 66!"
Lizzie: (she gets closer to Lightning and squints her eyes.) "Who are you?"
Lightning McQueen: "Um, Lightning McQueen? I... heh, heh... I found your postcards?"
Lizzie: (looks at the table) "Oh, there they are. I've been looking everywhere for them."
Lightning McQueen: (looking puzzled)

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