Lynda "The Queen" Weathers  is The King's wife.


Lynda was a demolition derby queen and the toughest lady in her class - that is, until The King stole her heart with his gentlemanly charm. It wasn't long before she turned in her roll cage for a two-car garage in the country with her sweet "Daddy Rabbit."[1]

She says that no matter what happens, her husband is a winner to her. She supports her husband in racing but can't wait until he retires and they can spend some time together as husband and wife. At the end of the movie, when her husband gets hit by the evil Chick Hicks, Lightning McQueen pushes the King over the finish line so he can retire with pride. Mrs. The King kisses Lightning, thanking him for helping her husband finish his racing career. In the movie credits, she and the King are seen touring Radiator Springs together. She was voiced by Richard Petty's wife, Lynda Petty, in the movie. Her character was modeled after a Chrysler Town & Country station wagon, which is what the Petty family would travel in to watch Richard Petty compete in his races.


  • Lynda Weathers is the 5th Cars character who's original actor died. The other 4 being Doc Hudson, Fillmore, Red, and Rusty Rust-eze.


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