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Mia and Tia are characters in the Cars series. They are Lightning McQueen's biggest fans and are twins.


Mia and Tia first appear in the audience during the final Piston Cup race. They go to watch their favorite racer, Lightning McQueen. One of the cutest parts in the movie is when they see that Lightning is in a tie race and they scream (while pounding their tires on the ground), "Lightnin'!". They drive over to Lightning and introduce themselves ("Hey! I'm Mia! I'm Tia! We're, like, your biggest fans! Ka-chow!"). The security guards pull them away (but they still manage to yell "We love you, Lightning!"). After McQueen's disappearance, the twins are devastated that McQueen apparently will not make it to the race. Chick Hicks then swoops in and consoles them, loading them up with his own merchandise and a free Hostile Takeover Bank-sponsored green paint job. Mia and Tia accept the offer, not because they are Chick's fans, but because green complements their eyes. They soon return to being McQueen's fans, turning against Hicks after he deliberately causes Strip "The King" Weathers to wreck in the tie-breaker race, and get their old paint job back.

Cars 2

Mia and Tia make a cameo appearance in the audience for the Radiator Springs Grand Prix.

Cars Toons: Mater's Tall Tales

Mia and Tia appear in this, again as a very important part of it. They are in every single episode (playing different "roles" in each) and are fans of Mater. While they are generally only background characters, in Mater Private Eye, they take a major role in the plot, at such point they have different fates. In Time Travel Mater, they didn't appear at all. This may be due to the fact that they are modernized cars, so they weren't even built (born) yet.

Video Games

Cars: The Video Game

In Cars: The Video Game, they first appear in the cut-scene for Sally's Sunshine Circuit. Lightning tries to introduce them to Sally, but they quickly introduced themselves. They wanted to go on a drive with Lightning, but Sally wanted to as well, so Sally challenges them to a 3 lap race. They also appear in Boosting with Fillmore. In Sheriff's Hot Pursuit, Mia is one of the speeders in the "Speeders" level, and Tia is one of the speeders in the "Hooligans" level.

Cars Mater-National

In Cars Mater-National, they first appear, both of them, in the same team of Luigi and Guido's Team Relay 1. Mia is the second car, and Tia is third. Later, Mia appears in Wheel Well Circuit, and then Tia appears in The Upper Mine. You can also find Mia driving around Tailfin Pass. You can tell it's Mia because of her license plate that says MIA, and 2 of her phrases: "Remember me? Mia, not Tia," and "Yoo hoo! It's me! Mia!"

Cars Race-O-Rama

Mia and Tia also appear in Cars Race-O-Rama, but they don't race. They appear in the Cars Toons mini games, and the Photo Ops. One of them also appears driving around Santa Carburera in exploration mode.



Mia: I'm Mia.
Tia: I'm Tia.
Both: We're like your biggest fans! Ka-chow!
Lightning: I love being me.
Security Guard: Okay, girls. That's enough.
Both: We love you, Lightning!

–Mia and Tia, as Security Cars push them away


  • Mia and Tia's license plates both say their respective name.
  • Mia and Tia, and several versions of them, have been released in the Cars Die-Cast Line.
  • Mia and Tia are modeled on Mazda MX-5 Miata (NA) cars, inspiring their names.
  • Mia and Tia, in the first Cars movie, actually flashed Lightning McQueen on screen. The first on screen pair of breasts shown in the franchise.