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Paul Conrev is a Next Generation racer after he replaces Percy "Ponchy" Wipeout. He is sponsored by Bumper Save. His racing number is 90.


In Cars 3, Paul makes his debut at the Florida 500 after replacing Percy "Ponchy" Wipeout, and starts in 10th place behind Francis "Flippy" Dover. He goes to pit after he isn't involved the wreck. He restarts, and finishes in 11th place.

Physical description

Conrev is a racing stock car of next generations. He has a white livery, with a red and blue design on his sides, and his number 90. He uses Lightyear tires. He has green eyes.


Races of Piston Cup Racing Series season 2017.
Speedway Starteded position Finished position
Florida International Super Speedway 10th 11th