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Planes: The Video Game is a video game that was released for PC and Wii, Wii U, DS, and 3DS Nintendo consoles, on August 6, 2013.


Story mode[]

Story mode is set up with different missions, so players can play as one of the characters to complete them while avoiding obstacles and any other conflicts throughout the levels. There is a total of 29 different chapters in the game, with four belonging to each character, with one extra mission in Dusty's chapters.

Free Flight[]

Free Flight mode allows players to fly freely on any landmarks they have unlocked. There are 10 puzzle pieces in each location, and once all 10 are collected in a landmark, a postcard is unlocked for that landmark.

Air Rally[]

Air Rally mode allows players to race against other players or computer players on any stage they have unlocked. You must fly through each of the blue and white checkpoints in order to advance in the race. If you miss one, you will have turn around and fly back through it.

Balloon Pop[]

Balloon Pop mode allows players to pop a certain number of balloons on any stage they have unlocked. Blue balloons are worth 10 points, yellow balloons are worth 20 points, and red balloons are worth 100 points.


Skipper tells various stories to Bravo and Echo in Story Mode.

Dusty's Chapters[]

  • Training Mode
  • Trouble in Propwash
  • Himalayan Hero
  • Ripslinger's Revenge
  • Blown out of Proportion

Bulldog's Chapters[]

  • Power to the People
  • Deadstick Cleanup
  • Volcano Chaos
  • Old Dog, New Trick

Ishani's Chapters[]

  • A Colorful Calamity
  • Too Fast, Two Fueled
  • Diwali Destruction
  • The Grand Finale

El Chupacabra's Chapters[]

Skipper's Chapters[]

  • Full Metal Fuselage
  • The Junior Jolly Wrench
  • Firework Festivity
  • Weathering the Storm

Echo's Chapters[]

  • Flysenhower Needs Our Help
  • The Jolly Wrenches
  • Icebreakers
  • Flysenhower Verses the Volcano

Ripslinger's Chapters[]

  • Trouble for Propwash
  • Doppeldusty
  • Ripslinger Smash
  • Flying Blind


Playable characters[]

There are ten playable characters in the console version, but Bravo, Ned and Zed are only playable in the console version. Dusty's Racing and Turbo skins are playable and exclusive to the console version, where Dusty's Jolly Wrenches paint job and modifications are exclusive to the handheld version.

Supporting characters[]

Mentioned characters[]


Photo Name How to unlock
Propwash Junction

Free Flight: Unlocked by default
Air Rally: Unlocked by default
Balloon Pop: Unlocked by default

Deadstick Desert

Free Flight: Earn the "Elite" rank
Air Rally: Earn the "Jester" rank
Balloon Pop: Earn the "Ace" rank


Free Flight: Earn the "Iceman" rank
Air Rally: Earn the "Jolly Wrenches Elite" rank
Balloon Pop: Earn the "Stinger" rank


Free Flight: Earn the "Jolly Wrenches Elite" rank
Air Rally: Earn the "Goose" rank
Balloon Pop: Earn the "Viper" rank


Free Flight: Earn the "Wing Boss" rank
Air Rally: Earn the "Elite" rank
Balloon Pop: Earn the "Instructor" rank


Free Flight: Earn the "Amateur" rank
Air Rally: Earn the "Wing Man" rank
Balloon Pop: Earn the "Maverick" rank


Free Flight: Earn the "Cougar" rank
Air Rally: Earn the "Veteran" rank
Balloon Pop: Earn the "Jolly Wrenches Elite" rank


Free Flight: Earn the "Iron Eagle" rank
Air Rally: Earn the "Maverick" rank
Balloon Pop: Earn the "Tiger" rank

Pacific Ocean

Free Flight: Earn the "Sundown" rank
Air Rally: Earn the "Centurion" rank
Balloon Pop: Earn the "Iceman" rank

Weapons and Items[]

  • Toroidal Vortex Cannon: Fires a strong burst of air.
  • Plow: Rams other planes and destroys hard objects.
  • Vita-minamulch Sprayer: Sprays Leadbottom's Vitaminamulch on fields.
  • Paint Sprayer: Fires a shot of paint.
  • Flare Launcher: Fires a flare to to light lamps, torches, and other flammable objects.
  • Magnet: Carries objects, and pitties.
  • De-Tornadofier: Causes tornadoes to vanish.
  • Lightning Rod: Gathers lightning from lightning clouds to power up machines.
  • Camera: Used to take photos of landmarks.
  • Super Taxi Magnet: Carries pitties and increases funds.
  • Cannon: Fires cannon shots.


Name How to achieve
Dusty Complete all Dusty missions.
Bulldog Complete all Bulldog missions.
Skipper Complete all Skipper missions.
El Chupacbra Complete all El Chupacabra missions.
Ishani Complete all Ishani missions.
Echo Complete all Echo missions.
Ripslinger Complete all Ripslinger missions.
Co-Pilot Complete one story mission with a friend.
Co-Piloteer Complete 5 story missions with a friend.
Globe Trotter! Complete all story missions.
Air Miles Fly for a total of 250 miles.
The Need For Speed Fly at boost speed for a total of 60 minutes.
A Little Loopy Perform 100 360° loops.
Wind of Change Perform 100 180° turn arounds.
Roll Over and Over Perform 200 barrel rolls (either direction).
Flight School Reach rank 5.
Winging It Reach rank 10.
Gaining Respect Reach rank 15.
Legendary Pilot Reach rank 20.
Five Hundred Pick up 500 points worth of wing collectibles.
One Thousand Pick up 1000 points worth of wing collectibles.
Tour Guide Collect all landmark puzzle pieces in one location.
Sightseer Claim one landmark puzzle piece in each location.
World Traveler Claim all landmark puzzle pieces in all locations.
World Class Pilot Win one air rally.
Baloon Popper Win one balloon pop.
Hot Shot Perform one perfect landing.
A Bronze Medal Unlock one bronze medal.
All Bronze Medals Unlock all bronze medals.
A Silver Medal Unlock one silver medal.
All Silver Medals Unlock all silver medals.
A Gold Medal Unlock one gold medal.
All Gold Medals Unlock all gold medals.
A Platinum Medal Unlock one platinum medal.
All Platinum Medals Unlock all platinum medals.
Wings Around The Globe Complete all achievements.

Wing Ranks[]

  1. Greenhorn
  2. Amateur: Unlocks Free Flight - Iceland
  3. Instructor: Unlocks Balloon Pop - Germany
  4. Goose: Unlocks Air Rally - Dubai
  5. Cougar: Unlocks Free Flight - India, Dusty 'Racing' Skin
  6. Tiger: Unlocks Balloon Pop - Nepal
  7. Jester: Unlocks Air Rally - Deadstick Desert
  8. Sundown: Unlocks Free Flight - Pacific Ocean
  9. Stinger: Unlocks Balloon Pop - China
  10. Wing Man: Unlocks Air Rally - Iceland, Dusty 'Supercharged' Skin
  11. Wing Boss: Unlocks Free Flight - Germany
  12. Viper: Unlocks Balloon Pop - Dubai
  13. Veteran: Unlocks Air Rally - India
  14. Iron Eagle: Unlocks Free Flight - Nepal
  15. Ace: Unlocks Balloon Pop - Deadstick Desert
  16. Centurion: Unlocks Air Rally - Pacific Ocean
  17. Iceman: Unlocks Free Flight - China, Balloon Pop - Pacific Ocean
  18. Maverick: Unlocks Balloon Pop - Iceland, Air Rally - Nepal
  19. Elite: Unlocks Air Rally - Germany, Free Flight - Deadstick Desert
  20. Jolly Wrenches Elite: Unlocks Free Flight - Dubai, Balloon Pop - India, Air Rally - China


  • It is unknown how come the game was made, as Disney Interactive stated that they will do playsets of upcoming films for Disney Infinity instead of doing a whole new game on them.
  • Once players complete the training level, they can choose Dusty, Ishani, El Chu and Bulldog in any order they want.


  • The description of A Colorful Calamity in the game says that Ishani has to save the 'Festival of Colors' (i.e. Holi). During the mission, Ishani always says 'Diwali', and another name for Diwali: 'Festival of Lights'.



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