Rotor Turbosky is the corporate helicopter for Dinoco.



A high-performance executive helicopter, Rotor Turbosky is ready at a moment's notice to get The King wherever he needs to go. He is faster, provides a smoother ride that those smaller whirlybirds, and is a proud card-carrying member of Team Dinoco."

In the Film

He does not speak throughout the movie and his role is rather minor. However, near the end of the movie, Lightning McQueen fulfills his promise to his friend, Mater by asking Tex Dinoco, the owner of Dinoco, for a helicopter ride, which is apparent at the end of the movie when Mater is flying over Radiator Springs happily singing.

Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures

He does appear in Cars Radiator Springs Adventures in an Activity called Chopper-Hopper, where Mater is waiting for him to come and give him a ride. In the game, you have to move Rotor up and down and be careful not to hit any clouds or mountains.

This is the only time he speaks.