Sage Vanderspin races for team Gask-its. He won The Piston Cup Junior Pro Series and graduated into The Piston Cup in 2006.

His favourite trackside hobby is dodgeball. He plays with a couple of the people from The Piston Cup, but it's the pittys that are good. He credits: it's because they're small and have arms.

He also appears on the Junior Ride-Along attraction along with Alan "Aiken" Axler.


Youngest winner of the Junior Piston Cup Pro Series, VanDerSpin entered the Piston Cup Series in 2004 already a highly decorated racer. His favorite trackside pastime is dodgeball. Several of his fellow racers play with him as well, but it's the Pitties who are the toughest competition on the dodgeball court, says VanDerSpin, because they're tiny and they have arms.[1]

Physical description

Sage is a Brawny Motor Co. Spark GT that is painted blue, yellow, and red. He is colored blue on his sides, with the number 80 painted in blue inside white on his doors, and roof. He also has blue rims, and a red spoiler. He has a brown ice-cream sandwich with white circles. He has brown eyes.

Cars 3

Sage is no longer Gask-its Racer in Cars 3. He will replace by Rex Revler and James Downey.


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