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Strip "The King" Weathers is a seven-time Piston Cup champion who has possessed the Dinoco sponsorship for over twenty years prior to retiring after the 2005 season.[2]



In Cars, when Darrell Cartrip and Bob Cutlass are introducing The King, Chick Hicks, and Lightning McQueen to the audience, they describe Weathers as having been "Dinoco's golden boy for years" and speculate on whether or not he will be able to pull off one last victory in the final race of his career.

As Lightning knows that Strip and Chick are both threats to his success, he decides to continue racing while all of the other racers are taking pit stops. This decision ultimately causes both of his rear tires to blow out during the final lap, leaving Lightning struggling to reach the finish line, with both Weathers and Hicks catching up to him. The race results in the first three-way tie in Piston Cup history, leaving the audience stunned and excited. A tie-breaker race is set to be held at the Los Angeles International Speedway, which will determine who receives the Piston Cup trophy. After the race, Lightning is approached by Weathers, who compliments him on his skill, but insults Lightning's arrogance in not changing his tires. While The King is giving him advice, McQueen begins to daydream about winning the Dinoco sponsorship, and becoming a celebrity. Immediately after, the three cars make their way to the winner's circle, where confetti is launched and the audience cheers.

At the race in Los Angeles, The King lead for most of the race. But, Lightning has a considerable lead on the other two racers in the final lap. Lightning used an old interlock drifting trick he learned from Doc Hudson in order to take the lead. The King smiles and is so glad that Lightning had become the race car that he wanted him to be all along. The King makes no attempt to take the lead but instead keep ahead of Chick Hicks so that Lightning isn't harmed or damaged by him. But Chick, who is frustrated of constantly placing behind The King, performs a PIT maneuver on Weathers, causing him to spin out of control and into the field, receiving bad damage in the process. As Lightning notices this on the big screen above him, he comes to a complete stop in front of the finish line, allowing Chick to pass and win the race. The stadium watches in silence and confusion as Lightning reverses into the field, and pushes The King to the finish line, wanting him to be able to finish his final race.

Cars: The Video Game

The King also appears in Cars: The Video Game. Strangely, he doesn't appear in Story Mode, but you can play as him in Arcade and Vs. Modes ( And he has really cool paint jobs". He was mentioned in Story Mode in the cut-scene for Palm Mile Speedway, where Darrell Cartrip says "With The King retired, it's gonna be Chick vs. Lightning this time around".

Cars 3

The King is no longer the Dinoco in Cars 3 He was the Crew Chief of his nephew Cal Weathers, who replaced him, who is number 42. He seen only briefly in the beginning and en. He was first seen when Cal went into the pits with Bobby and McQueen. In the next film, he will become Cruz Ramirez's crew chief if Lightning McQueen continues racing, however, Lightning and Cruz are best friends, so if either wins the Piston Cup, they share it.


  • Strip Weathers' design is based on one of Richard Petty's race car which is a 1970 Plymouth Superbird with a 426 ci hemi engine and has Petty's race number 43 on the doors.