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The first step in creating a car.

The World of Cars Online is an online game based on the Cars series. The game was under development with Open Beta, which launched on March 1, 2010. There was a sneak peek of the World of Cars called the Test Track which started in October 2008 and ended in November 2009 to make way for Open Beta. The site launched on June 29, 2010. Each car was given 2,010 coins, an Open Beta Participant Badge, and a Founders Badge.

On February 8th, 2012, the website closed due to not making enough money. However, you can still visit the website, but all that's currently there are FAQs, and there is an RSN souvenir booklet to download.

While the original World of Cars closed, about some time in June 2012, a game called Cars Land Racers opened, and it will seem something like a World of Cars Online 2.


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