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Tim Treadless is the next generation #28. His sponsor is Nitroade.

Tim Treadless replaces Aiken Axler and Joltsen as the Nitroade racer in Cars 3 as a new generation, H.J. Hollis, Ed Truncan, Aaron Clocker, Harvey Rodcap, and Ryan “Inside” Laney.


In Cars 3, Tim competes in the Piston Cup Racing Series's 2016 season. He debuts at the Motor Speedway of the South, replacing Phil Tankson as the Nitroade racer and proven to be a worthy opponent. He finishes in 10th at Grandol Oil Co. Raceway and 4th at Georgia Motor Speedway. He is driving right behind Lightning McQueen when McQueen crashes, and he watches McQueen in shock when he crashes. He finished in fourth, behind racers Daniel Swervez and Chase Racelott as well as first-place winner Jackson Storm.

When a wreck is caused during the Florida 500, Tim is involved in the wreck and is seen colliding with Cameron "Cam" Spinner, then being piled into by a miscolored Ryan “Inside” Laney. He is badly damaged and does not finish the race.

Physical description

Rodcap is a racing stock car and next generations. He has a dark brown livery, with orange on his sides and his number 28 printed on his doors inside his flames, and his roof. He uses lightyear tires. He has grey eyes.


Races of Piston Cup Racing Series season 2016.
Speedway Started position Finished position
Grandol Oil Co. Raceway 10th
Georgia Motor Speedway 7th 4th
Los Angeles International Speedway 31st 4th
Races of Piston Cup Racing Series season 2017.
Speedway Starting position Finished position
Florida International Super Speedway 28th did not finish



  • In the Florida 500, he was unable to continue, after the crash, but his team is still in the race.
  • Due to the fact that IGNTR sells products that are meant to boost a car, Nitroade is likely competing with the aformentioned company, which is likely the reason that Tim appeared inmediately after Jackson Stormdebuted at the 2016 Dinoco 400.
  • His 1:55 diecast depicts him with an orange spoiler, although in the movie he is depicted with a black spoiler.
  • In the Florida 500, before he was hit, he had a Ryan "Inside" Laney/Jim Reverick spoiler.
  • Unlike the other racers, Tim never had any rookie stripes.