Todd Marcus (nicknamed "The Shockster") was also a victim which took out most of the field. He had a big moment with Claude Scruggs and was jumped on by Lightning McQueen.


Todd Marcus is known as the biggest race car to emerge from his hometown of Dieselton, Alabama. He's also known as the only race car to emerge from Dieselton, Alabama. When asked why he chose to be car number 123, he simply replied, "Because it's easy to remember." That's why it's also his ATM number, his internet login, his home security code, and his safe combination.[1]

Todd races for the team "No Stall".

Physical Description

In Cars, Todd is painted red, with black lining and spoiler. Since he races for the No Stall team, he has the team logo on his hood. He also has black rims, and red outlines. He has the racing number "123" painted in white across his doors and roof. Next to them on his doors, he has several Piston Cup sponsor stickers. He has blue eyes. In Cars 3, he has a new paint scheme is red. He also has blue rims with blue, and cyan on his sides with number 123 painted in white. He has brown eyes.

Cars 3

In Cars 3, he is one of the racers in the 2016 season but midway he was replaced by a next gen racer. He reappears in a new paint job.


Todd is an Axxelo Fission.


Todd is the number 123 race car for the Piston Cup racing team, No Stall. He competes in all the major races, except for when his reserve driver Masterson is driving.


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