"Tyler Jefferson Hummer"  comes from a long line of military vehicles, but growing up in the gated communities and private schools of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, T.J.'s idea of off-roading was going over potholes on Woodward Avenue. An aspiring rapper, T.J. likes looking tough without scratching his paint or getting dirt in his rims, but that all changed when his father signed him up at Sarge's Boot Camp for Urban SUVs."[1]

T.J. is a Hummer Humvee.


  • His license plate reads "TUF GUY". However, a few die-casts accidentally put his license plate as "TUF GUE".
  • He has been released in the Cars Die-Cast Line as a regular sized car, but was then made to a mega-size car in the final series of the line and in the Race-O-Rama Sarge's Boot Camp box set.


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