Van is a character in Cars and Cars 2.


"Van and his wife Minny love to travel; the problem is they don't know where they're going. The two share a strong sense of adventure but unfortunately a stronger lack of direction, turning most of their relaxing getaways into strenuous marathons over mountains terrian, through the desert, and past every gas station as Van would rather stall than ask for directions."

Van is Minny's husband in Cars. They both drive through Radiator Springs while Lightning McQueen is fixing the road, looking for an on-ramp leading to Interstate 40. After passing through Radiator Springs, they are lost in the middle of the desert still looking for an on-ramp.

Cars 2

Van reappears at the end of the sequel, with his wife Minny. Here, he doesn't believe one word of Mater's spy story, but then Holley Shiftwell arrived to conirm it, 

Cars Land

Both Van and Minny appear in Radiator Springs Racers at Cars Land. After you almost crash into Mack, you will almost crash into Van and Minny.


  • Minny and Van's names together results in "minivan", a type of car.
  • Van's license plate reads "47-M4U". However, in Cars 2, his license plate reads "309GA", so either he switched license plates, or the plate on the die-cast was an error.
  • Van has been released in the Cars Die-Cast Line. Two versions were released: a regular version and a chase version with his bumper sticker on the back of him.
  • He's modeled after a 2003 Ford Windstar.
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