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For the racecars in the Piston Cup, see Piston Cup Racers.

The World Grand Prix Racers appeared in Cars 2.

The racers are chosen by Miles Axlerod to promote his new wonder-fuel Allinol. The competition unites the best athletes of all race types from all over the world to determine the world's fastest car. Though there are 12 spots in each race, there is actually an odd number of 11 racers.

Lightning McQueen

Wp c2 lightning 1920x1200-1-

Main Article: Lightning McQueen

Country: United States

Racing Number: 95

Pit Crew: Mater (Crew Chief), Luigi (Tires expert), Guido (Pitty), Fillmore (Fuel expert), Sarge (Suspensions expert)

Model: Custom Stock Car

Francesco Bernoulli

Wp c2 francesco 1920x1200-1-

Main Article: Francesco Bernoulli

Country: Italy

Racing Number: 1

Pit Crew: Giuseppe Motorosi (Crew Chief)

Model: Formula Racer

Jeff Gorvette

Wp c2 jeff 1920x1200-1-

Main Article: Jeff Gorvette

Country: United States

Racing Number: 24

Pit Crew: John Lassetire (Crew Chief)

Model: Chevy Corvette C6-R

Lewis Hamilton

Wp c2 lewis 1920x1200-1-

Main Article: Lewis Hamilton

Country: Great Britain and Grenada

Racing Number: 2

Pit Crew: Bruce Boxmann (Pit Crew Chief)

Model: McLaren MP4-12C GT3

Max Schnell

Wp c2 max 1920x1200-1-

Main Article: Max Schnell

Country: Germany

Racing Number: 4

Pit Crew: Otto Bonn (Crew Chief)

Model: Mercedes AMG

Raoul ÇaRoule

Wp c2 raoul 1920x1200-1-

Main Article: Raoul ÇaRoule

Country: France

Racing Number: 06

Pit Crew: Bruno Motoreau (Crew Chief)

Model: Rally car

Carla Veloso

Wp c2 carla 1920x1200-1-

Main Article: Carla Veloso

Country: Brazil

Racing Number: 8

Pit Crew: Cruz Besouro (Crew Chief)

Model: Le Mans Peugeot

Shu Todoroki

Wp c2 shu 1920x1200-1-

Main Article: Shu Todoroki

Country: Japan

Racing Number: 7

Pit Crew: Mach Matsuo (Crew Chief)

Model: Le Mans Prototype

Nigel Gearsley

Wp c2 nigel 1920x1200-1-

Main Article: Nigel Gearsley

Country: Great Britain

Racing Number: 9

Pit Crew: Austin Littleton (Crew Chief)

Model: Aston Martin DBR9

Miguel Camino

Wp c2 miguel 1920x1200-1-

Main Article: Miguel Camino

Country: Spain

Racing Number: 5

Pit Crew: Petro Cartalina (Crew Chief)

Model: GTS2[1]

Rip Clutchgoneski

Wp c2 clutchgoneski 1920x1200-1-

Main Article: Rip Clutchgoneski

Country: The Republic of New Rearendia

Racing Number: 10

Pit Crew: Consists of two pitties, crew chief Brian Gearlooski

Model: Caparo T1


  • Unlike for the other racers, the paint job of Lightning McQueen, Lewis Hamilton and Nigel Gearsley are not colored after their respective country's flag. However, Gearsley bears the British racing green along with the Union Jack (British Flag) painted on his hood. McQueen and Hamilton bear their personal colors. It can also be noted that the main color of Jeff Gorvette, yellow, is not a color of his country flag, which is included in his design however. It's also the same for Max Schnell, which his main color is purple, however, his country flag is included in his design.
  • Some racers bear their racing league logo. Lightning McQueen is for the Piston Cup, Francesco Bernoulli for Formula Racer, Raoul ÇaRoule for the GRC, and Max Schnell for the WtcL. It can be noted that all are allusions to real racing.
  • In the Piston Cup in the first movie, the racer's names were not mentioned. However, in the World Grand Prix, the racer's names were mentioned.


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